Giacomo Perantoni
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Giacomo Perantoni


Control Engineering
University of Oxford

Consultant Engineer

The MathWorks Ltd
Cambridge, UK
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Department of Engineering Science

University of Oxford
Parks Road

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[+44] (0) 1865 2 83172


giacomo.perantoni (at)

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Research interests


Minimum-Time Manoeuvring

Minimisation of the lap time for a racing vehicle. The trajectory and the control strategy are optimised for an arbitrary track. Direct-collocation methods for optimal control are employed. A curvilinear-coordinate description provides an efficent definition of the track and the vehicle dynamics. The vehicle setup parameters are concurrently optimised for maximum performance.

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Tyre modelling

Physical modelling of a motorcycle tyre based on the LuGre dynamic friction model. The tyre friction force components and the self-aligning moment are obtained as functions of combined slip, load and wheel camber. The complete model accounts for the carcass compliance and the rubber frictional dynamics.


Mission-oriented control of a Parallel-Hybrid Vehicle

Optimisation of the control allocation policy for a parallel hybrid vehicle. The required torque at the wheels is split between an Internal Combustion Engine and an Electric Motor. Stochastic Dynamic Programming is used to guarantee optimality of the control strategy for a mission described in terms of the probability for a demanded torque to occur given the vehicle state.

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Control of a scorbot-iii robot arm

Control of a 6-DOF scorbot-iii robot arm. The robot is programmed to write a user-supplied string of text. The writing plane can have an arbitrary orientation in the space. A PID controller is tuned to guarantee fast tracking of the reference effector-trajectory, generated solving the inverse kinematics for the mechanism.

PDF download the video.

Control of a dual-actuator hard-disk drive

Design and simulation of a 'quasi-bang-bang' control strategy for a dual-actuator HDD. Desirable data-acess speed and tracking performance are achived combining results of optimal control and linear control theory.

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